When an experiment goes wrong.....

disastrous vegan Yorkshire Puddings!

So I think I have been pretty lucky with my dabbling in vegan creations so far, apart from my aquafaba meringues - but that's another story.....

Last week I swapped a bag of vital gluten with an equally flaky vegan for a pouch of Vegg...vegan egg. It's been a busy week, so it sat on my kitchen work top for the week, and it was only Sunday morning that I started thinking what to try with it. Being Sunday an' all, and already planning a roast dinner for the family later that day, I thought, "Yorkshire Puddings!"

The seasoned vegan cooks amongst you are probably already thinking, "stoopid cow, that ain't gonna work!", but yes, I know this now too.

I used my tried and tested pre vegan days, BBC Yorkshire Pudding recipe. I substituted the eggs for the Vegg mix, and the milk for soy milk, and made up as usual the batter.

Here is where the "usual" goes off into the sunset. My little trick to not overload the baking tin with oil is to brush it with oil, so all is well coated but not swilling in grease, so did this as I would normally.

The batter was a bit thicker than it would normally be, but I soldiered on, ever the optimist

My vegan Yorkshire puddings, teasing me with an early rise

I preheated the tins and popped them into the oven, and watched like an expectant parent.

I was encouraged by a bit of sizzling, and a flirtation of a rise after about 5 minutes, and was starting to think I'd nailed it, but unfortunately, each little pudding, briefly rose, then sank into a little crispy disc of draught or chequer piece properties.

Sunken, bullet like, discs of failure! :-)

Very much back to the drawing board with this little piece of British Sunday Dinner, but I will not be beaten and will hopefully present the perfect vegan pud at our next family Sunday Dinner!


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