Vegan Sour Cream Dip Hack

Vegan sour cream and chive dip

I take no credit for the inspiration for this dip, I saw the idea on one of the many vegan food groups on Facebook. I just played around with the idea and made a couple of additions, and it passes the ultimate test of the Sour Cream Dip Queen, at home!

Make sure your yogurt is plain, and unsweetened. A lot of the plain yogurts do have sugar in, you need the tart of the yogurt as the sour cream. I used Alpro plain unsweetened, but Asda do a cheaper version of the same

The onion salt was an accidental purchase from many moons ago, I bought it thinking it was onion powder, and so it has sat in the spice cupboard since then, only now seeing the light of day. It was just from Morrisons I think, made by Schwarz

The chives, I used dried because it's all I had in, but I bet fresh would be great!


2 tbsps vegan mayo (I used Hellmans)

2 tbsps plain dairy free yogurt (see notes above)

1 heaped tsp finely chopped or dried chives

1/2 tsp onion salt


So easy....just mix it all together! Make as much or as little as you need at a time. I kept the little bit I had leftover in the fridge for a few days and it kept just fine!


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