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Vegan Food Panic!

So this was a first. During my short time as a vegan I have put my organisational skills to the test and always made sure I have planned, shopped and cooked ahead so that I have never been short of good vegan food when I need it. This came the closest it's been to going tits up yesterday during a training session at work.

As a dental hygienist I need to continually update and develop my clinical knowledge, and learn new protocols to help support our patients as best we can. Yesterday, the whole team were having an in house training session on safeguarding. An emotive subject, and spanning 4 hours through lunchtime too. As a very food focused team, any such blow is often softened with the carrot of some good grub and yesterday was no different.

We are a close knit team, and my colleagues have viewed my foray into veganism with interest, and although it's not for them, have been very supportive. In particular my lil buddy Charlotte, who I have worked with for many moons and I think can be described as a Flaky Vegetarian! Charlotte is part of the self appointed Social Committee, and it is with gusto that she organises the social events, birthdays, Christmas and the food for such meetings.

We like our grub. It is the king pin to most of our social events. Pizza, however is the mainstay of any working lunch, and as good solid Lancashire set up, so are pasties - not often a vegan go to. I had already said that I would sort myself out for lunch, but Charlotte was adamant to find somewhere that would suit everybody AND have vegan choices -- and she did! A really good menu from a local independent provider, not the cheapest, but on Just Eat and delivered - winner! Food ordered, everyone happy, one hour before delivery Charlotte receives notification that the order has been cancelled, should never have been accepted, with a "not our problem" kind of attitude. You do not present a "not our problem" attitude to Charlotte, but that is a whole other story!

This leaves us with the problem of a hungry dental team, with limited time to get a large food ordered delivered in not the most cosmopolitan of areas. My first reaction...Bollocks. Should have brought my own, then realised I had 3 potential options. 1, not eat and risk potentially killing a team member or patient through Hanger, 2, muster all the vegan friendly snacks I could in the workplace and graze until I got home, or 3, live up to my name and be a Flaky Vegan and eat veggie. Charlotte was having none of each suggestion that was made....Dominoes, pasties etc came the response, but Debbie can't have that!

Who would have thought that Frankie and Bennys would have come to the rescue?! Decent vegan choices, swift(ish) delivery, everyone is happy. I had, by the way, the Vegan Beetburger and fries - complete with Vegan mayo.

So lessons learnt yesterday. Charlotte is a good egg. But I knew that anyway. I need to make sure I keep more longlife vegan food options at work, and finally I would actually have made do or gone hungry rather than eat food that wasn't on my terms. But I'm just a stubborn pain in the ass, so maybe that is no surprise either.

In short I want to say thank you to my work buddies. I know it would have been very easy to order what you wanted and let me sort myself out but you didn't and in the end it all worked out.


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