Vegan Crunchie Chocolate Bar Fix!

This was the result of neeeeeeding something sweet, not being a fan of dark chocolate just by itself, and having bought some little honeycomb pieces from Aldi last week! They were bought on a whim, thinking about my favourite pre vegan chocolate bar, a Cadbury Crunchie. The concoction consisted of a few lingering macadamia nuts, some raisins, bargain basement chocolate and the honeycomb pieces.

I used what I had in...I didn't even know I had the nuts, you could use whatever nut or dried fruit combo you had, but the honeycomb pieces were the piece de la resistance...I will be stocking up! They were I think only 89p for the bag and I used a fraction. The whole collection wasn't an expensive affair, and after consuming what should have probably made 2 portions, I consoled myself with the knowledge that it contained fibre, protein, iron etc etc, blah de blah ...........;-D

To be repeated, for sure!


2 tbsp of nuts, I used macadamia, roughly chopped

1 tbsp raisins

2 tbsp honeycomb pieces, mine were from the aldi baking section

50g dark chocolate, making sure it doesn't contain milk


Melt the chocolate, taking care not to overheat, in the microwave

Mix in the other ingredients, then mould into 1 or 2 bar shapes on greaseproof paper. Freeze until set, only takes about 10 minutes, and then consume at will!

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