Tofegg mayo butty....vegan summer season egg mayonnaise sandwich!

Updated: May 19, 2019

Tofu egg mayonnaise sandwich

I love a good butty, especially as part of a picnic. I have already shared my Butterbean and Sundried Tomato Pate recipe - I always have a tub ready in the fridge for quick snacks, or for taking to work. As it is picnic season I have been branching out and working on some different varieties. The "can she eat wafer thin ham" line never wears thin with my dad whenever I serve him vegan food, so given that that is actually NOT an option, I have added vegan egg mayonnaise to my repertoire.

I am also working on a tuna mayo using jackfruit, but that still needs a bit of tweaking, and on a cream cheese with garlic and chives, based on creamed cashew nuts.

I used homemade bread made with a mix of rye and white flours for this sandwich as it can look a bit lost on just plain white....don't get excited - it was just in the breadmaker - chucked it all in, switched it on and went for a walk! Easy peasy to make, for the tofu, I used Cauldron Tofu, easy to get hold of at Morrisons. The mayo - Hellmans Vegan is still my favourite brand, and the black salt I got from my local asian food shop. It's crucial to the recipe as has that sulphur eggy taste that regular salt doesn't give.


Half a block of firm tofu, around 200g

4 tablespoons of your favourite vegan mayo

1/2 tsp ground turmeric

A good few grinds of fresh black pepper

1/4 tsp black salt

1/4 tsp wholegrain mustard

1/4 tsp onion granules


Drain the tofu and squeeze as much of the liquid as you can with your hands, then crumble the tofu into a bowl

Into another bowl, mix all the other ingredients well

Add the crumbled tofu and mix well. The mix can be used straight away, but works better if the mix is left in the fridge for at least an hour for the tofu to take up the flavours

Make up into a good old fashioned butty with your favourite bread and add it to your picnic!


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