Aldi, we love you!

A few of the items I swooped on during Aldi's Veganuary promotions
Aldi Vegan Haul

Back in the day, and I'm talking 30 years or so ago, I remember going shopping to Aldi, and unlike nowadays, where you go in for a loaf of bread, and leave with an inflatable banana, a one man tent and a yoga mat, completely forgetting the bread, you used to go with a list and leave with nothing as all they had were tinned hotdogs, plastic biscuits and iffy crisps!

Having said all that, I LOVE the Aldi of today! It is a running joke with the family, how much I love Aldi and will champion them all day long.

I have been particularly excited by the recent flurry of vegan items they've stocked for the Veganuary Bandwagon. As a vegan newbie, the easy accessibility to all these vegan wonders I've read about on the internet has been fantastic - nutritional yeast is my new best friend, and after the tentative purchase of a tub, I've stocked up on another 3, just to keep me going!

The Jackfruit is an interesting one - not tried it yet, but have been told it makes great "pulled pork", so will be playing around with that as a dish. If it doesn't appear on here as a recipe, then you know it was BAD! Interestingly, looking at the nutritional content on the label, it's low fat, low carb, low protein, so other than being a texture, not sure what the buggery bollocks else is in other than lots of fibre, so not really a protein substitute.

The dairy free chocolate, now that I have tried. I don't really have a massively sweet tooth, so it's not something I've missed desperately, but was interested to give it a go. It wasn't the cheapest way to buy confectionery, but it was alright. It reminded me a bit of the the stuff my mum used to call "mucky chocolate", the cheap stuff, like in unbranded advent calendars.

I would love to think that Aldi would continue to stock the vegan supplies, but I'm not hugely optimistic, especially as inflatable banana season approaches, but was really chuffed to see the fleeting stock. Maybe if there was enough people buying it, it will be a permanent feature, who knows. I'm off to see if there's any more nutritional yeast 4 too many to have in stock? ;-)


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