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The Mayo Challenge - vegan mayonnaise review

3 Vegan mayos put to the taste test!

As a relative vegan newbie, I am still trying and testing the best vegan alternatives. Mayonnaise has never been big in my life, but do like a bit of garlic mayo on my vegan doner kebab, and love homemade coleslaw. These 3 chappies are the first 3 vegan alternatives I came across, and used them in my simple homemade coleslaw to see which I preferred, recipe here

Hellmans Vegan Mayo

The first one I looked at was Hellmans. This appeared in Aldi for Veganuary, but I have seen it in Morrisons in the regular mayo aisle. It was &2.50 for 270g, so around 98p per 100g. It came in a glass jar, which always pleases me - partly as it is more readily recyclable, but mainly because I can keep the jar and use for when I make chutney!

Starting with the taste, this came up top trumps, for me personally. It was thick and creamy tasting and had a great colour and consistency. It was very clearly labelled and had no artificial colours and flavours in it. There was a really good fridge life on this product too, and kept for 3 months once opened in the fridge.

Here's the rub though, all that creamy yumminess has to come from somewhere....calories, that's where! This was the most calorific of the 3 I looked at coming in at a whopping 654 calories per 100g, just slightly less than Hellmans Original which comes in at 721 calories per 100g

Chippa Vegan May-O

The next product I tried was Chippa May-O. I got this one from the Free From section in Morrisons. It was &1.50 for 280g, around 54p per 100g, so pricewise the winner. The packaging however was disappointingly plastic, and unfortunately that, for me, isn't where the "plastic" ended. I wasn't a fan of this one tastewise. Again, I used it in coleslaw, but it fared better with a little minced garlic in it as garlic mayo to mask the salad cream kind of taste it had.

Again, nice easy to read, fuss free labelling on this product, but less of a fridge life on this one, to be used within 4 weeks of opening.

And here lies the key to the lesser taste experience with this product.....lots less calories! Complared to the Hellmans, the Chippa May-O has 217 less calories per 100g, coming in at 437 calories per 100g, so maybe a good option if you are calorie counting.

Plamil Vegan Mayonnaise

The third vegan mayo in the running was Plamil Egg Free Mayo. I got this one from Holland & Barrett and it cost &2.50 for 315g, so around 79p per 100g. Glass jar, so thumbs up for recycling potential, but a labelling nightmare, especially for someone falling into the denying the needing reading glasses soon category! It was clearly marked as egg free though so that's the main thing, with 100% plant power, but only endorsed by the Vegetarian Society, not the vegan groups. Mid range fridge life, 6 weeks. Taste wise...better than the Chippa, not as acidic, but didn't come near the Hellmans. It was very palatable, had a very slight aftertaste.

Calorie wise, this product sits right in the middle of the other 2 mayos at 509 calories per 100g

So for me, Hellmans came up trumps, tasted better, lasted longer and better packaging. Not wildly expensive either I don't think, especially the little dollops I have here and there so I think I will be pushing the boat out and sticking with Hellmans from now on, unless anything else catches my eye to try.

This is the coleslaw recipe I used to try all the mayos....I am a little bit coleslawed out now, so won't be making any for a while!


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