Steamed Chinese Vegan Duck Style Buns

These buns were devised after getting all excited over a bag of Linda McCartney Vegetarian Chinese Style Duck, which is also suitable for vegans....and then not really knowing what to do with it! I call my fake bacon, facon. My daughter was a little disturbed when I combined fake and duck and called them f@ck buns......

Our Morrisons has a really Linda McCartney frozen range, so that's where I get mine from, but I have seen it in Tesco too.

This is really quite an easy way to use it, and you can make them up in advance and pop them in the microwave as you use them. They are much nicer warm. The trickiest bit is the stickiness of the dough. Use plenty of flour on your worksurface

The cake cases are just fairy cakes sized - don't use big cup cake cases as they will be mahoosive! I used a 2 tier metal steamer and found that 8 buns fits quite nicely in each tier. I swapped the tiers over halfway through to ensure even cooking. This recipe makes 16 buns.


500g SR flour

350ml plant based milk - I used soy

1/4 tsp salt

Extra flour for shaping

1 tbsp sesame seeds

1 bag of Linda McCartney vegetarian duck, defrosted

1 small mild red chilli

3 spring onions, washed and trimmed

2 tsps hoisin sauce or black bean sauce

1 tbsp sriracha sauce

16 paper cake cases


Finely chop the chilli and thinly slice the spring onion. Add to a bowl with all the other filling ingredients and mix well

In a large bowl, or in a food processor, add the flour, plant based milk and salt and mix well. Turn out onto a well floured surface and roll into a sausage shape, Cut into 16 equal pieces

Take a piece, flatten into a rough circle shape on the floured surface, then place into the palm of your hand. Put a dessertspoon dollop of the filling mix into the centre of the flattened dough, and fold the edges up to seal into a ball shape. Place the ball into a cake case, sealed side down and repeat until you have used all the mix and pieces of dough

Place 8 balls in each layer of the steamer and cook for a total of 12-14 minutes. Remove from the boiling water and sprinkle the sesame seeds onto the buns whilst they are still tacky. The easiest way to remove from the steamer is to gently tip them over onto a plate as a whole then flip back over.

Serve with sweet chilli or hoisin dipping sauce as a snack or starter


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