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Jackfruit Schmackfruit...!!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Curiosity got the better of me da jackfruit!!

Had a little ponder what to make with it, and decided to cook it with the pulled pork sauce I used to use when back in the day I whacked a joint of pork shoulder in the slow cooker....cumin, cinnamon, onions, chipotle paste, garlic, rosemary, paprika and a splash of cider vinegar. Got that all ready and opened the tins of jackfruit. I was not ready for what lay behind that easypull ringpull. Is this a vegetable or a tin of spinal column? And why are there sockets with little eyeballs falling out?

Pretty basic instructions on the tin - drain and use. No mention of eyeball clearance, so I didn't. Maybe as (well I like to think so) a reasonably intelligent woman, I should have had the noggin to remove the little balls of squidge before cooking, but I didn't.

The end product was a quite nice looking chipotle pulled pork chilli, added some kidney beans and let it simmer for a bit. But all I could think about was the eyeballs. And the sockets. And the spinal column. It tasted OK, but not a recipe I'm happy with, and even the meaty looking bit was pretty sloppy. I didn't get the ass the size of mine by throwing food away, it's not something I am in the habit of doing, but that's where it went, in the bin.

So, lesson learnt, remove the eyeballs before cooking with jackfruit, or better still, don't even bother removing the can lid!

Treating myself to a large (vegan) G&T as a consolation prize, even on a school night!


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