Fancy Schmansy Cheats Vegan Gravy

Mushroom and red onion vegan gravy

This is a go to sauce to pep up any dish, vegan or otherwise. It goes great with my vegan haggis recipe, sausage and mash, cottage pie....the list is endless. Just a few basic ingredients not least of all some decent chutney. I use a spoonful of my homemade Christmas Chutney that I can take absolutely no credit for, but made under the guidance of the loveliness that is Nigella Lawson. Any decent chutney with a red wine vinegar base would work. The original Bisto gravy works well and never ceases to amaze me is meat free, but whatever your favourite gravy mix is, go for it. This recipe serves 4


200g mushrooms chopped

1 medium red onion finely sliced

1and a half tbsp dairy free spread

4 tbsps red bisto gravy made up with 1 pint boiling water

1tsp dried thyme

Black pepper to taste, and salt if required

2 tbsp red wine vinegar based chutney or cranberry jelly


Saute the onion and mushrooms in a pan with the dairy free spread until starting to caramelise

Make up the gravy as per the pack instructions and add to the onions and mushrooms with the thyme, black pepper and chutney, reheat and serve


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