Vaileys!! Fake Baileys - vegan Irish Cream Recipe!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Vegan Baileys Irish Cream

This is my latest festive Vegan Alchemy - Faileys...Fake Baileys, veganstyleeee! It is probably still a work in progress, still tweaking to get it right, and still tweakable for you to make it to your personal taste

My quest to replicate my favourite pre vegan Christmas tipple started after trying the delightful vegan M&S version - lovely, but not cheap, and not as boozy as its dairy counterpart. My thoughts wandered to how I could make it more Baileysesque. The key is sweetened condensed milk. I didn't even bother looking to see if you could buy vegan condensed milk as I don't have a spare grand to spend, and at 59p a litre at Aldi, what could possibly go wrong...

I did try just using soya cream, but the slow cooking of the sugar in the milk seems to make a difference to the final flavour, and gives a thicker consistency.

EDIT**. I stand corrected! There is now a vegan condensed milk available for £1.50 in Morrisons so I have rehashed the recipe and it is far simpler!**

So I have included both versions, you don't need the sugar in the version that has the condensed milk in as it is quite sweet and caramelly enough, so just stick to one recipe, don't chop and change. The original recipe is first, scroll down for the one using the tin of condensed milk.

I despise coffee, but found the addition of it essential for the finished flavour. With just 1 tablespoon of it against all the other ingredients it was indistinguishable, but again, if you like a coffee flavour, add more! I tried instant coffee, but Camp Coffee gave a better colour and a milder taste

Don't spend money on expensive Irish Whiskey either, I actually used a medley of leftover bits and bobs and even chucked a bit of Scotch in too!

Whilst I was playing around with flavours, I just made half batches, so using 500ml of milk. Using the measurements below, you will end up with just short of 1litre of finished lushiousness

By the by, I did a bit of research first just to check that is was a goer, and before I could even finish my sentence google had conjured up all sorts of terrible images...why, who or how would you even condense a fart....I mean, the results could be disastrous!! :-D

The caramel syrup I believe can be found in B&M Bargains and TKMaxx, but I got mine from Amazon

I sterilise my storage jars using the steam function on the dishwasher just as if I was making chutney, and if refrigerated should keep around 6 weeks. I used jars and bottles I had saved, which dressed up make lovely gifts

As if you needed any other excuses to have a go at this recipe, there is half the calories in a litre of this than regular Baileys, and costs a fraction of the price as well as being completely vegan, so on your marks, get set....go!!

Ingredients for the one without shop bought condensed milk

1 litre of unsweetened soy milk - basic own brand is fine

135g soft light brown sugar

1 tbsp camp coffee

40ml caramel syrup

250ml soy single cream

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

350ml Irish whiskey

Method for above

Sterilise your storage bottle, or smaller jars - I used the steam cycle on the dishwasher

In a large pan, add the milk and the sugar. Bring to a gentle boil, then reduce the heat to barely a simmer, there should be no active bubbling in the pan. Leave the pan uncovered, stirring every 20 minutes or so until the milk has reduced by about half. This will take best part of 2 hours

No active bubbling on the lowest of heats

Give the milk a good stir, it should be very pale golden in colour and will probably have bits of skin which will have formed, don't worry, we will be getting rid of this soon!

Mix the coffee and syrup into the condensed milk whilst it is still warm, this will help disperse the gloopiness of the syrups, then add the vanilla

Using a sieve, pour the mix into a measuring jug. Use a spatula to force as much of the liquid through as you can, just leaving the skin behind. Be sure to scrape the underside of the sieve too - you've worked hard for this condensed milk so don't lose any! You should have about 475ml of liquid in your jug when you have finished. Stir in the cream, then as everything has started to cool, add the whiskey

Transfer to your storage bottle or jars, and seal. Decorate and gift, or enjoy yourself. Keep refrigerated and use within a month to 6 weeks

Ingredients for the recipe using shop bought condensed milk

I tin of vegan condensed milk

250ml dairy free single cream - I used Alpro

300ml whisky

1tbsp camp coffee

2tbsp caramel syrup

1tsp vanilla extract

Method for the above

Sterilise your storage jars and mixing jug and spoon as for the first recipe

Mix all the ingredients together in a large jug. Pour into your storage bottle and easy as that!



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