Facon and Tofegg on toast (Vegan bacon and egg on toast)

Vegan bacon and egg on toast recipe
Facon and Tofegg on Toast!

Following on from my disaster with the attempted Yorkshire Puddings using Vegg, I know have a better understanding of what Vegg is......it doesn't set, rise or glaze, it is literally a runny yolk substitute. It has zero calories, or protein come to that, but it does have a great taste and consistency, no cholesterol and has some added vitamins. It isn't the cheapest buy you'll make but a pack costs around a tenner but makes 200 yolk equivalents.

I used the facon recipe which I have previously published and can be found here . The black salt is important as gives the tofu an eggy flavour. Low fat, high protein, not the best for a low salt diet but much better I'm sure than the real deal.


2 slices off a block of firm tofu, each around 1cm thick

1 tsp of Vegg mixed with 1/4 cup of water as per pack instructions

2 tsps veg oil, one for each pan - one facon, one tofegg

1/4 tsp black salt

! slice of crusty bread toasted and spread with dairyfree spread


Put each slice of tofu inside a folded tea towel and apply some gentle pressure to remove some of the moisture, don't flatten it completely

Cut an oval with a small sharp knife in the 2 slices. Don't bin it, put it back with the tofu and reuse in your next creation. Put 1tsp of oil in one pan with the black salt and gently fry the tofu for 1 minute both sides, and 1 tsp in another and fry the facon until crispy

Microwave the Vegg mix in the microwave, taking care not to overdo it, just warmed through

Place the facon onto the toasted bread, then the tofu. Carefully place the Vegg mix into the cut out ovals, season with fresh black pepper to taste and enjoy straight away


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