Creamy vegan scrambled egg!

I have tried many vegan scrambled egg recipes - too sloppy, too dry, too rubbery.....

This is one I am really happy with. This vegan scrambled egg recipe is soft, creamy and

eggy. Great with breakfasts, or by itself on toast.

I would always go for the silken tofu when making egg replacement, it has that smoother, creamier consistency of egg. Don't skimp on the cooking of this part - it's not because the tofu is raw, but it drives off the extra moisture making it less sloppy and more egg like. Don't be tempted to overly break up the tofu initially either, you want some bigger "egg white " kind of bits in scramble.

The Black Salt is important as it has that important eggy taste and smell, the turmeric is just for colour though, so can be missed out if you don't fancy it, but you really can't taste it.

Wait till you have finished drying out your tofu to add your nutritional yeast. Although this won't change the flavour, it will damage the "nutritional" aspect of the yeast if you overcook it.

This recipe makes around 2 portions of vegan scrambled egg

Breakfast wrap, with scramble, mushroom, tomato, violife cheese and fried vegan smoky ham slices


1 349g pack of Silken Tofu

1/2 tsp Black Salt

1/2 tsp onion granules

1 tbsp nutritonal yeast

1/2 tbsp dairy free butter, I used Flora

Pinch of turmeric

Good few grinds of black pepper

1tbsp vegan double cream, I used Elmlea


Mix the black salt, pepper, onion granules and turmeric into a bowl. Empty the carton of tofu, into the bowl and roughly break it up, leaving big chunks, and mix well

Into a pan, gently melt the butter, then on a medium high heat, tip in the tofu mix. Keeping bubbling on a medium heat, uncovered for around 5-8 minutes, stirring occasionally.

When the mix is just starting to turn golden in places, stir in the cream and heat through. Turn off the heat and stir the nutritional yeast in ( see notes above)

Your vegan scrambled egg is ready to serve and enjoy!


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