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Caravan Veganism - anything is possible with the a bit of preplanning and the love of a good man!

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Sunset view from the caravan

So this was our first week long holiday, in the caravan, since being vegan. Loving my food as I do, I wasn't going to eat boring piffle just for convenience, nor was I going to eat differently from my partner. Said partner just rolls with it, I really couldn't ask for more from him, he respects my decision, caters for me when he's shopping and cooking, and tries pretty much everything I've made. The Tofegg mayo however, was a vegan dish too far..... He is basically flexiomnivorous - but vegan by default if I'm cooking! There was one teeny eyerollette moment involving garlic bread, but the day was saved by using our breadmaker and Flora Buttery......

Our little caravan is a fairly recent purchase, new to us, and this was our first week long trip away in it, just us, no kids. I knew were were going to be remote, eating out was not going to be a struggle to find vegan food as there was basically nowhere to eat out. The one time we did have lunch, the old chips and salad go to came into play! This suited us fine, lots of walking, time to ourselves and no time schedule to stick to.

The caravan has a great little fridge, but we also have a plug in cool box that we kept running in the else is one supposed to keep booze AND lots of pre prepared food chilled!

I won't bore you with a blow by blow account of what we ate each day, but if anyone is looking for inspiration on how to eat well, cheaply and stay vegan on holiday, here are some ideas of what worked for me....

The night before was left we had both been at work, most of the packing up was done, time to chill, have a few drinks and catch up on Line Of Duty! I made some pizza dough and and sauce, we made our own pizzas, I had veg and some blobs of cashew cream cheese - great start to the hols!

The journey to Scotland was straightforward, around 4 hours, set up the awning in the wind without falling out, and were ready for something to eat with a sea view. Crispy tofu with a splash of hoisin sauce and soy sauce, with some stir fry veg and rice noodles.

master of the petrol stove

Chris has an age old petrol stove which was great to keep in the awning for frying so we didn't get cooking smells in the caravan. Worked a treat frying the tofu!

Breakfasts were easy. Just a mixture of the usual....granola, alpro yogurt, fruit, porridge, facon butty....the recipe for my facon is on another blog here, and was great just to slice off and fry up at will. We packed our breadmaker and set it on timer in the awning, so had fresh bread when we wanted it. Chris ran to an egg and some cheese on his, but ketchup all the way for me!

Facon butty!

Like I said, I won't bore you with a run down of every meal, but just to give you some idea of what we ate.....

To save on fridge space we used a dried sausage mix, Granose. It wasn't bad, but not as good as a frozen one. We had it with mash with Flora and beans. As you can see, I like my black pepper!

Burritos were an afterthought....leftover chilli, mixed with a little cashew cream cheese, rice, and spinach. I pre prepared these, wrapped them in foil and froze them. They stayed frozen on the journey, and baked nicely in the oven after being allowed to defrost one day.

Vegan Burrito

Chris's Sunshine Soup...says it all, dead easy to pre prepare and reheat on the stove, recipe here

I pre made some Cosmic Curry Sauce, recipe here, and froze it. On the night we ate it, we bought some vegan quorn pieces to put in it, some naan, and Chris whipped up a spicey veg rice which was delicious

Vegan steak less pie with mushroom, and mushy peas

Being a Bolton lad, there is no better way to my beloved's heart than a pie. This was another pre made one. Cooked til barely golden then frozen to take on our travels. I defrosted it and browned it off in the oven, peas were soaked and cooked in the caravan

Vegan doner meat

Vegan doner kebab isn't really a sentence that fits together! I pre made a slab of seitan doner meat, recipe here, and froze it. We just sliced and fried it - the plan was pitta and salad, but we were feeling chipppppppps! Again, the stove in the awning and our little chip pan kept the van cooking smell free!

Chris made a truly delicious risotto from scratch with mushroom and asparagus. He added parmesan to his portion and we had it with homemade garlic pizza bread using dough made in the breadmaker and Flora Buttery, much better than Sainsburys own!

We brought with us lots of snacks....some Sundried Tomato and Butter Bean Pate, frozen, pasta and vegan pesto, and plenty of alcohol. Neither of us spent ages prepping food on holiday, it was all done beforehand, and I have ticked off my first full week of being vegan whilst on holiday! Looking forward to a cheeky weekend away in a couple of weeks, then another 10 days away with the family - now that will be a real test of prepping!

View of the caravan, far right, across Port Logan Bay

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