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Banana Blossom Fish...WTF??

Looks good doesn't it? Don't be fooled!

Asda now stock tinned banana blossom, I'd seen recipes online, seen it as a vegan option on pub menus and thought heeey, this could be good! I was wrong, very very wrong!!!

So this is what came out the tin. Not particularly appetising. Told Chris not to look because I knew it would be game over if he saw the key component of his pending meal!

Peas were soaking, even made my own vegan tartare sauce and homemade chips, and found an nice batter recipe (never battered and deep fried so much as a mars bar before!) We were hot to trot.....

Coated the blossom in seasoned flour, including some dried seaweed for a oceany kind of flavour, so I hoped. They were starting to look a bit better now they were partially hidden.

Dipped the coated "fish" into the batter I'd made earlier and dropped them into the hot fat.

They puffed up nicely, and really started to look half decent. Dished up, sat down and tucked in.

Let's start on a positive note....the tartare sauce was lovely! Used Hellmans vegan mayo, some lemon juice, salt, pepper and some chopped gherkins and capers. The batter was great, I was really chuffed with it as a first attempt and would definitely have a go at it again.

Back to the main event. It was uuuuuuuggggglyyyyy! Grey, stringy and not at all attractive. It tasted of cheap artichoke hearts in brine, despite being well rinsed, sort of woody and slimey all at the same time.

In a nutshell, glad I tried it. Won't be repeating. Learned how to make batter and vegan tartare sauce. Got a tin of banana blossom going if anyone wants it? :-D


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