From Staunch Vegetarian to Flaky Vegan

From picky meat eater, to vegetarian for "one month" to support the OH,who fancied being veggie for January 2018, mainly for health reasons, to Flaky Vegan...how did that happen?

I didn't take much persuading to try a veggie month.  I like meat.  I love "clean meat" - chicken breast, lean roast pork, a nice sausage and occasional steak.  I'm even making myself hungry now ....bad BAD vegan!!  BUT, I found it easier to say I didn't eat meat that risk being presented with anything with skin or fat, bones or veins on it, or lumps of white fat....dirty DIRTY meat!

I love cooking....bit of a feeder I think it is fair to say.  So experimenting with new ingredients, new twists on old favourites was fun, the whole family were on board, the 4 whippersnappers all drifted away from the veggie diet in dribs and drabs, even my partner has the odd sausage now, but I stuck with it.

The more I read about animal welfare, intensive farming and the environmental impact etc, the more determined I was to avoid meat and fish.  I enjoyed my diet, didn't feel restricted.  I always said that if I had to kill my own animal it would be lentils all the way, and I could eat anything vegetable based put in front of me, even if I didn't enjoy it rather that a plate with bones and skin on.

It seems quite a leap from plain old veggie to vegan, however flaky that status might be.

It all started with the mockumentary, Carnage, featuring Simon Anstell.  Oh my days what an eye opener.  I hold my hand up I didn't really know about the dairy industry and really did make me consider taking up being vegan....despite a huge weakness for large amounts of cheese and fear of social awkwardness with regards to eating out and with friends.

So January/Veganuary appeared.....so many articles and recipes all hurrahing the vegan lifestyle.  Still flirting with the idea of veganism, but not sure.  Through my job as a dental hygienist I have a couple of patients who are vegan and always encourage in a really non pushy way whenever we meet.  As much as you can chat at a dental appointment......

It was actually my youngest daughter, 14, who decided she would like to give being vegan a week to see how she got on....ironically, the biggest cheese and meat eater of them all.  I leapt at the chance to join her, well there is safety in numbers!

I used the run up to "The Week" to find recipes, research meat substitutes and practice meals.  We are coming to the close of our week, and I plan to continue with my flaky approach to veganism....I feel better, mind and body, I've lost weight...and hey, I love a challenge!